Wellness Checks user January 5, 2024



As a value-added service that complements our “Customer for Life” culture at ATS Consulting, LLC, we want to ensure that your organization is maximizing the use and return of investment of the UKG platform. To that end, we will perform a free Wellness check on your implementation one year from the date of Go-Live. 

Over the course of time, process changes, new configuration needs, additional HCM products, and the like can necessitate some changes be made to your system. ATS Consulting LLC will work with you to ensure that your system is configured in a way to meet your changing needs. During the UKG System Wellness check service, ATS Consulting, LLC will perform an assessment of your current UKG configuration and utilization to identify optimization opportunities.

Activities performed during the system Wellness check include:
  • One (1) day system walk-through and analysis session to assess current system configuration and comparison to company process, industry-leading practices, and identification of areas for improvement. 
  • Delivery of a Wellness check report identifying findings and recommendations of proposed next steps